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The Mumbles Coastal Protection scheme aims to protect the community against coastal flooding and rising tides and will remodel the prom as a safe, modern, inclusive visitor attraction.


Swansea Council recently secured funding under the Welsh Government’s Coastal Risk Management Programme to undertake essential Coastal Protection works to a section of the existing sea defences at Mumbles promenade. The improvement works will afford enhanced flood and coastal erosion protection to businesses and residential properties currently at long-term risk of flooding. The protection works will be undertaken from Knab Rock to a point approximately 250m north of Oystermouth Square.

Knights Brown has been appointed as the contractor to undertake the work, which is currently planned to commence in January 2023 and be completed over approximately 120 weeks. 

The project, driven by Swansea Council, will help protect the community’s homes, businesses and people for decades to come. It also aims to improve Mumbles as a destination, with new lighting, litter bins, seating and better links to Mumbles Road.



MAY 30 | 1:00 - 3:00


We would like to invite you to join us at our latest information-sharing session for the

Mumbles Coastal Protection Scheme

It is a brilliant opportunity to meet the team and ask any questions you may have about the project.


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Wall A - North to Oystermouth Car Park

We're excited to announce significant progress on Wall A, where the construction of vertical walls is nearing completion. The beach has been reinstated in this area. A total of 16 wall pours have been successfully executed.

Wall B - Oystermouth Car Park to the Bowling Green

For Wall B, we've completed 42 stepped base pours and built 19 walls. We're now gearing up to pour the first wave return element, enhancing the wall's resilience against the sea. The beach has been partially reinstated around the completed sections. Additionally, we've installed 30 heels to support the wave return element and are in the process of adding piles for the new sea view steps at the Oystermouth car park. We are currently installing drainage to the Oystermouth car park in preparation for constructing the secondary wall along the boundary. Our next phase will involve the construction of the wave return along the Oystermouth car park section and the continuation of wall B in the Oyster Wharf area.

Oyster Wharf Area

We've planted in the raised planters within the Oyster Wharf area and repaved the plaza area. Olive trees now add life to the space, supported temporarily by timber upstands while granite copings are procured. The construction of stepped bases and heels for wall type B is making headway in front of Oyster Wharf. A secondary wall near the Oyster House is nearing completion, and sheet piles have been driven into their final positions using a double-acting drop hammer machine.

Oyster Wharf to Southend Slipway – Revetment C

Our team has made strides with the Revetment C slab,  with a new drainage outfall constructed off Cornwall Place. The secondary wall along the promenade terrace is now substantially completed, and we're rejuvenating the nearby grassed areas. Notably, we uncovered a piece of maritime history near the Southend slipway - a large timber vessel. Our archaeologists are diligently documenting this find. Looking ahead, our focus is on completing the sloped revetment to the foreshore and beginning the top segment of Revetment C, including the crucial wave return element.

Southend Slipway to Verdis

Continuing our efforts, we've been driving sheet piles to their designated depths and progressing with the sloped revetment construction near the Southend Car Park. We have completed construction of 27 echelon parking places to Mumbles Road and have now closed the parking area adjacent to the promenade. The promenade has been diverted to the new footpath adjacent to the parking spaces, but this section of the promenade will be reopened over Easter.

We will continue construction of Revetment C to the foreshore over the next period and also commence work on the top element of Revetment C, including the wave return element.

Archaeological Finds

We have had lots of questions about whether we have found anything of archaeological interest during our work. 


Prior to commencing work, archaeologists had documented existing known assets that could be affected by the works.

We also undertook investigation work in areas where we anticipated assets could be disturbed. As part of the project, we have an archaeologist who oversees our work and undertakes a watching brief of ongoing excavations in the peat.

To date, the following items have been discovered:

May 23: Bow Section of an oyster boat – investigated and re-buried 

Section of trackway – adjacent to one of the wrecks – old worked timber -removed to Lampeter University for further investigation 


Oct 23: Small piece of tram track.

Plaque from Swansea gas light company was lent on hire in 1891.

April 2023 - We uncovered a piece of maritime history near the Southend slipway - a large timber vessel. Our archaeologists are diligently documenting this find.



Mumbles is currently protected by two types of coastal defences; a 0.5km-long mass concrete vertical sea wall that runs from Oystermouth Square to the bowling green area and a 0.7km sloping revetment structure that runs from the bowling green area to near Verdi's.


Some of these existing defences were built over a century ago and are in poor condition and at risk of flooding. The flood risk level is expected to increase in the future due to predicted sea level rises. A lack of action would put a number of homes and businesses at risk of flooding. The main aim of this project is to strengthen the sea wall and raise the heights of key parts of it to protect the area from future flooding.

The project will combine enhanced coastal defences with improvements to the Promenade right next to the main seawall. 

The main areas of work will include:

  • bringing the prom up to one level as it currently dips gradually from both ends (Verdis and Oyster Wharf) by up to around half a metre in the middle section

  • strengthening the main coastal defence structure, main wall and revetment.

  • replace existing railings with a low pedestrian wall similar to that currently at the Oystermouth Square car park.

Work will include widening the existing promenade to create a share with care pedestrian footpath and cycleway. This will improve connectivity and accessibility and promote sustainable active travel. Other public realm improvements include improved seating, views and connectivity, with enhanced hard and soft landscaping.

Work will see parts of the prom closed to the public in a phased manner throughout the work, expected to take around 22 months.


Access to homes and businesses will remain throughout.

Latest Progress Flight & Images 


Latest Progress Flight & Images 
November 2023


October Progress Flight

October Update

It has been a busy month for our site team as work has continued along the foreshore and on the promenade.

We’ve been hard at work constructing the stepped bases on the foreshore, and to date, 32 stepped bases have been cast within the section by  Oystermouth Car Park.  Work will continue on the remaining stepped bases during the winter months.

Construction work has also started on the wall sections that contain weep holes cored through the existing sea wall; these holes will allow residual groundwater to pass through the new works. Once we have completed the step sections in that location they will be backfilled and we will commence concrete pours to construct the sea walls.

We have started reinforcing the revetment between the tennis courts and Southend Slipway. So far, we have completed half a dozen lower concrete pours. These works are being completed around the tides. On the Promenade, we have completed a 75m stretch of secondary stone flood wall from the Oyster House hotel up to the end of Promenade Terrace. We are currently working on the stone planters and seating areas in front of Prezzo, aiming to complete the work during the winter months 
when footfall is lower.  These works will continue for the next 3-4 weeks and are weather-dependent. While these works are being undertaken, there will be a localised pedestrian diversion past the Oyster House Hotel area. Signage and lights have been erected to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Cyclists are required to dismount through the diverted area. 


3, Charnwood Park, Waterton, Bridgend. CF31 3PS


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