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Mumbles Sea Through Time is a bespoke community education project aimed at seven local schools in the Mumbles area. The project's primary objective is to engage students in a comprehensive exploration of their coastal heritage, encompassing topics such as saving lives at sea and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), coastal environment and its impact, the history of Mumbles, and its local landmarks and coastal engineering and the role it plays in protecting Mumbles.

This project is designed to offer students a multifaceted learning experience, blending hands-on excursions, classroom-based activities, digital illustration workshops, and an opportunity to gain an understanding of the Mumbles Coastal Flood Defence Project and its role in protecting the local area.


Project Components:

Topic Exploration and Research: Students will delve into the following themes through field trips and research:

Saving Lives at Sea and the RNLI: Understanding the heroic efforts of the RNLI and their vital role in coastal safety.

Coastal Environment and Impact: Investigating the local ecosystem, its importance, and the impact of human activities.

History of Mumbles and Local Landmarks: Uncovering the rich history and significance of Mumbles' iconic landmarks and its dialect.

Hands-on Workshops: Local community organizations, Gower Unearthed and Wild Ocean Wonders, will facilitate interactive excursions to areas of local significance. Students will actively research and collect information to support their understanding of the chosen topics.


Classroom-based Activities: Upon returning to the classroom, students will translate their research findings into creative works, including pictures, collages, and written compositions. This process will encourage critical thinking and the ability to express knowledge effectively.

Digital Illustration Workshops: CISP Multimedia will guide students in the art of digital illustration. They will create visually engaging panels to visually represent their learning outcomes.

Exhibition of artwork panels: The culmination of the project will see the illustrated panels displayed as part of the Knights Brown's coastal Flood Defence Project, turning the students' work into a permanent educational resource for the community.

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If you would like to experience some of the creative activities our schools have undertaken you can access the FREE templates below. 
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