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Llwynderw Primary

Exploring the History of Mumbles Workshop: 23rd October 2023

On October 23rd, we teamed up with year five students from Llwynderw for an immersive day of historical exploration in the school environment.

Our primary aim was to bring the history of Mumbles to life through a project that employed symbols and visual elements to represent key historical events in the area. The day also saw us diving into the world of poetry, with a special emphasis on descriptive writing and the fascinating subject of skiffs.

The workshop kicked off with group activities, resulting in a meticulously crafted timeline that vividly chronicled the rich history of the bay. After this collaborative endeavour, we honed our focus on two specific historical periods, engaging in in-depth research and discussions about pivotal events and subtopics.

One notable highlight of the workshop was our creative interpretation of a Victorian diary passage. This historical source served as the wellspring of inspiration for crafting poetry that elegantly captured the essence of Mumbles' past (a sample of the produced poetry can be found below).

In the afternoon, we created a communal map involving every student. This expansive map, meticulously designed on a large white cotton sheet, proudly adorned the classroom walls. It featured a wealth of information, including representations of Mumbles dialect, the tracing of an ancient trackway, the mapping of Oyster beds, and intriguing facts about Oysters.

Illustrating the 'History of Mumbles' Workshops: 20th & 29th November 2023

During the second and third workshop with Llwynderw, students had the opportunity to collaborate with illustrator Beth Saunders from CISP Multimedia, delving into a captivating session conducted online. The focus of this interactive experience was to translate their research findings in their initial workshops onto paper, channelling their creativity into illustrations of Mumbles landmarks inside oyster shaped shells.

The engaging session not only allowed students to bring their research to life through artistic expression but also served a practical purpose. The resulting illustrations will play a pivotal role in the creation of panels that will be prominently displayed along the promenade. By infusing the essence of Mumbles landmarks into the unique oyster shell shapes, the artwork promises to lend a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing touch to the public space, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation for the local heritage. Brilliant designs Llwynderw!

Hanes y Mwmbwls_02.jpg
Hanes y Mwmbwls_07.jpg
Hanes y Mwmbwls_29.jpg
Hanes y Mwmbwls_14.jpg

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